We made pop-up books in typography class today!



Well friends, I'm back to it! Back in Jackson. Back to school. Back in routine.

It's going to be good and it's going to be new.

I live off-campus now, which is a tremendous blessing. Loving every bit of it. There's something really special about making a home, decorating, making meals, keeping the house clean, having visitors. Oh, and rooming with Cari Phillips...dream. 

My internship in Colorado was one of the greatest things I've ever done and I promise I will tell you more about it soon, but I want to keep this post quick. But I am super excited to move forward with my artwork and see what God has in store for me next.

In contrast to last year's three studio art classes both semesters (Drawing, Graphic Design, and Photography), I only have one this semester: Typography! Hence, photo above. So I'm sure I'll be putting up various projects from that class but I'm hoping that I will have a little more time to continue working on my own photography and multimedia collage work as well. So be on the lookout for that.

Another post coming soon to tell all about Colorado and show some of the things I worked on while I was there!


New Shop!

"Boy in red"

Folks, it's official. I now have a brand spankin' new Etsy shop dedicated entirely to my personal artwork! Take a fresh look at it here.

My first items for sale are a collection of collage prints called the Whimsical Child Series. These are four images I created since being here in Greeley. They were created simply out of a love of pattern, shapes, and the whimsical minds of children. I'd love for you to take a look, share with friends, and tell me what you think! I'm really enjoying the direction I've been going with my art and am super excited to continue to create new pieces.

"Girl in pink"

"Boy in yellow"

"Boy in teal"

Each of the prints are offered individually as 8x10s and 11x17s. Or they can be purchased as sets of four. Enjoy!


Potomac: Two

This is my second entry for the Potomac project with Tim Coons. It's my photo response to the song "Sing Your Song Over Me/ Do Lord Remember". This song is the single for the album and it is really beautiful. Recognizing my smallness. Knowing God is mighty and realizing that he is mighty for me. Crying for him to remember me in my smallness. Which he faithfully does and in the most beautiful ways.

This project is a super neat music/photography collaboration. If you have instagram and/or enjoy taking pictures, definitely join in on this. Tim's hope is to get as much participation in this project as possible. He puts out a new song each week and throughout the week he asks people to take photos in response to the music. That's it. Just tag the photo on instagram with "#potomacproject" and it will automatically show up on the website. Also, best photo each week will be included in his album artwork. Take a look at the photos and music so far here!


Three Bigs

So I have a few new things coming up very soon! First and foremost, I'll be opening up a new Etsy shop that is strictly my own personal creations. Fabric & Shoestring will be kept only for selling vintage items. My new shop will be under my name, Kathryn Buncik, which will give me a lot better identity as an artist.

The next big thing is what you see a sample of above. I have a small collection that is almost ready to be put up for sale! These photos are just small bits of the full pieces. But these will be the first items in my new shop. So be on the lookout and stay posted! You won't want to miss them.

The last big thing I'll share for now is my personal project. At the end of the month I will be participating in the Greeley Arts Picnic, where I will show a collection I've been working on with the theme of "Creating New Worlds". It's going to be crazy. Hopefully crazy awesome.


Potomac: One

This is a photo collage I put together for a project called "Potomac: Capturing American Spirituality". It is a music-photo response project put together by Tim Coons, musician of Enter the Worship Circle and pastor at Atlas church. Each week Tim releases a new song on the project site and various photographers will post photos that were inspired by the song. Read more on the project here.

My photo was inspired specifically by the lyrics "watch out for me, my mind is spinning". I liked those words because that's how I feel a lot of the time. Like my mind is spinning with thoughts upon thoughts, which many times turn into worries. But God gives us peace and freedom. Think about how beautifully peace and freedom go together. Listening to this song, I felt a little more assuredly how my spinning mind can be at peace knowing that the God of the universe watches over me.

Keep coming back to the blog to hear about and see more of the projects (and good times) that are happening here in Greeley, CO.


Watermelon and Bunnyfer

Yesterday we had a barbecue/ pre-fourth get-together with friends TJ and Joni. Every bit of food that has entered my mouth since I've gotten here has been one of the best things I've ever tasted. Here are a few shots of Harriet and Lucy eating watermelon. I already love these little ones like family.

Lucy & Bunnyfer

Last night Lucy gave me a kiss, a hug, and a high five before she went to bed. Then she looked at me and said "Kafrin, you are so so good." She's the best.