Potomac: Two

This is my second entry for the Potomac project with Tim Coons. It's my photo response to the song "Sing Your Song Over Me/ Do Lord Remember". This song is the single for the album and it is really beautiful. Recognizing my smallness. Knowing God is mighty and realizing that he is mighty for me. Crying for him to remember me in my smallness. Which he faithfully does and in the most beautiful ways.

This project is a super neat music/photography collaboration. If you have instagram and/or enjoy taking pictures, definitely join in on this. Tim's hope is to get as much participation in this project as possible. He puts out a new song each week and throughout the week he asks people to take photos in response to the music. That's it. Just tag the photo on instagram with "#potomacproject" and it will automatically show up on the website. Also, best photo each week will be included in his album artwork. Take a look at the photos and music so far here!

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