Potomac: One

This is a photo collage I put together for a project called "Potomac: Capturing American Spirituality". It is a music-photo response project put together by Tim Coons, musician of Enter the Worship Circle and pastor at Atlas church. Each week Tim releases a new song on the project site and various photographers will post photos that were inspired by the song. Read more on the project here.

My photo was inspired specifically by the lyrics "watch out for me, my mind is spinning". I liked those words because that's how I feel a lot of the time. Like my mind is spinning with thoughts upon thoughts, which many times turn into worries. But God gives us peace and freedom. Think about how beautifully peace and freedom go together. Listening to this song, I felt a little more assuredly how my spinning mind can be at peace knowing that the God of the universe watches over me.

Keep coming back to the blog to hear about and see more of the projects (and good times) that are happening here in Greeley, CO.

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