Three Bigs

So I have a few new things coming up very soon! First and foremost, I'll be opening up a new Etsy shop that is strictly my own personal creations. Fabric & Shoestring will be kept only for selling vintage items. My new shop will be under my name, Kathryn Buncik, which will give me a lot better identity as an artist.

The next big thing is what you see a sample of above. I have a small collection that is almost ready to be put up for sale! These photos are just small bits of the full pieces. But these will be the first items in my new shop. So be on the lookout and stay posted! You won't want to miss them.

The last big thing I'll share for now is my personal project. At the end of the month I will be participating in the Greeley Arts Picnic, where I will show a collection I've been working on with the theme of "Creating New Worlds". It's going to be crazy. Hopefully crazy awesome.

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no hopefully about it. dadgum sure.