About Me

My name is Kathryn Lynn.

I am currently a sophomore majoring in photography at Union University.
Creativity is something that has always just come to me. It's what feels natural.
I relish in the fact that my creativity comes from the Creator.
I claim Jesus Christ as my Savior and rejoice to be called a child of God.

With this blog and with my Etsy shop I hope to make some extra money to help me pay for college. I'll be honest, it's a struggle. But the Lord is faithful. Even more so than that, I hope to speak words that speak to you. Encouragement. This life is hard. But he gives us rest and even better, a hope.

Things you should know about me:

1. Danielle. My sister. We're often together.

2. I have 8 other older siblings; thus, 12 nieces and nephews.

3. I have a Whale Sweater.