Photo House

There were a few select locations that I spent a great majority of my time at this semester. The photo house was one of them. This house and I have a love-hate relationship. 'Tis a lovely part of campus to slip over to for a few hours to get away from the hub of campus life. That is, during the day. At night...well, it has the tendency to freak people out a bit. Though, I was fortunate enough to have some pals that enjoyed going over there with me to keep me company. This day was actually one of the two snow days we had this semester. Such a treat!

Working with film photography was the cause of many challenges, trials, and even sorrows. When you are responsible for a photo from the time the film is placed into the camera to the time you hold the print in your hands, there is a lot of room for error. Even tiny mistakes can lead to a disastrous end. But I will tell you that I've learned a lot about photos through this. It really isn't the end of the world if you lose some of them. You might have an awful sick feeling in your stomach for a while knowing you will never see them but it will go away. I've learned that the memory of something is not the most important part. It's that it actually happened in the first place.


snipsh0ts.tumblr.com said...

ayay. so true.
hey, p.s.
looksee if you reckonize anything on the ole walleroo: safarsofar.tumblr.com

Kathryn Lynn said...

I do! And more than one! Sheesh, you're making me blush, woman. Boy do I miss you.

hellocheri said...

What a perspective.