The Wilderness Must Be Explored

I feel so incredibly blessed. I love my home time when I'm home. And I love my school time when I'm at school. I miss both when I leave each one and go to the other. But soon I return to the one that I miss.
Last weekend I got to camp with one of my older sisters, her husband, their two boys, Danielle, and Dad. I got to chase the boys around the playground until I was short of breath. We made up silly songs on the swings. We took turns making up stories as we snuggled on a blanket under the stars. The boys fell asleep on either side of me. The next day we all ate breakfast together. After a kayak journey, face fainting, bike rides, catching fish and feeding them to a bird, afternoon naps, and making s'mores by the fire, we headed home. It was only a two day camping trip, but it was a beautiful one for sure.

Lots of pictures, I know. But it was just all so grand.

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