This Yard

It's nice to fall asleep on whichever bed or couch that I like.
It's nice to wake up to a cat at my feet who bites me when I try to pet her.
It's nice to sit on the counter and talk to my father and brother.
It's nice to sit on a porch that looks out to a yard filled with trees.
It's nice to be in the company of squirrels and chickens and lizards.

I know, I know. I haven't posted in forever. Well, you see, this last semester has been the busiest of all previous school semesters in my life. And so, as you could imagine, my finals week was also the busiest I've ever had. Hence, no time for blogging. But now I am home and back to it! I will be posting quite often over the break. I will fill you in on some projects I've done in some of my classes, I will show you the wonder and whimsy that made up my Thanksgiving break, and I will finally post more film photos. So be sure to stay tuned! Many more treats to come.


snipsh0ts.tumblr.com said...

and they really are treats :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief you're amazing! I may or may not have showed this to the fam.