The Odd Pair

It is the Fox and the Hound that
Everyone looks at.
They shake their heads
And click their tongues and say,
“Young fools, young fools.”

But the two are entirely happy.

They float around on games of tag.
Quails fly away with their troubles.
As long as the woods can hide
Their behavior,
Then playful paws and
Worriless hearts are fine.

But the sun goes down and
The owner calls dismay.

Hound listens and frets.
What will he think?
Gosh, he won’t like it.
Tod, run away! You’ll get shot!
“Shh,” the fox whispers
And laughs at the dog.

Hound smiles and leads the way home.

Some friendships start
Knowing that an end will come.
But not because of agreement.
No, in their hearts both know
That the canopy of leaves
That protects them
Will be violently torn apart.

Yes, they know that from the start.
But they will never admit it while together.

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sketchbookthought said...

thanks for making me want to cry