Shooting Lazers

My friend Rob, who goes to Union University with me, is interning at a printing press in Orlando called Mama's Sauce. Since he's just a couple hours away, we've gotten to hang out some over break. Super fun! He's a quite talented graphic designer and likes to shoot lazers all the time. He also is terrified of loves troll dolls.

Danielle and I took Rob to some of our personal favorites in Sarasota including Daddy's Deli, Pyewackets Antique Mall, Pastry Art, and Book Bazaar. We also peaked in White Berry Frozen Yogurt, which we still haven't tried yet but definitely want to. Oh, we also ran into a bike convention downtown? Interesting addition to the day, I guess.

When we got home, my nieces were visiting and asked us to walk to my grandmother's to pick starfruit with them. So we went on over and gathered a whole basketful. And fairly soon after that, Rob headed back to Orlando. 'Twas a good end to a grand visit.


vanessa rae said...

Kathryn, where is this Pyewackets Antique Mall?! Is it so awesome?? Ive never heard of it!

Kathryn Lynn said...

It IS awesome! It's on the southwest corner of University and 301. It's hard to notice unless you're looking for it. And it looks small at first. But it's a good size inside! I think you would love it.

hellocheri said...

What a fun bunch! Did I mention how much I love Danielle's dreads?! They are perfect on her.