A Catalogue Creation

This is a catalogue that I made for my Graphic Design final last fall semester. The assignment was to create an 8 page catalogue for a business of our choice using products that we had. I decided to use my Etsy shop, Fabric & Shoestring, as the business and create a canvas edition catalogue out of some artwork I've made. Each piece has a witty story to go along.

Weeping Guitar: "A small stringed instrument named Friedrich sits crying under a willow tree. He just lost his first love to a screamo band. She had been going down the wring path for a while now. Friedrich had a bad feeling about the last gig. His feelings were right. She was smashed. Literally."

Dying Butterfly: "It is hard to tell when a butterfly is dying. They are not like humans. You cannot see signs of aging like wrinkles or grey hair. With butterflies, the young fellow is just as beautiful as the one that is about to die." 

Waggish Branch: "Susan will never forget the day she turned into a rabbit. She fell off of the very top tree branch and was quite alarmed that she wasn't hurt. She did, however, spend the rest of the day as a rabbit. She told Lucy about it while flying kites the next day. But Lucy didn't believe her."

A big thanks to friends Becca, Kaelin, and Ellen for helping with the photos! All photos taken by me and all canvas art by me. I super enjoyed this project! Definitely my favorite of all of them for that class.

*Canvases not really for sale. Sorry, kids.


AMY PALMER said...

This is adorable. Love your shop!


sillycyclops said...

Sarasota represent, haha.
Project came out awesome!
<3 Ashlynn.

ellen said...

ahhhhh i'm on your blog!

ellen said...

also, the catalogue looks amazing. all your work is so professional.

Kathryn Lynn said...

Thanks, pals!
Ellen, you're a catalogue model. And famous.

Hope said...

This is stunning!! Great work.