A Texas Thanksgiving

Nope, it's not a Christmas-themed post. It's actually from Thanksgiving. Finally!

I mentioned a while ago that I got to go to my great friend Kathleen's home in Texas for Thanksgiving this year. 'Twas a wonderful time and well worth the drive. Kathleen and Ahnna and I were super close friends from the start and still are today, even though Ahnna goes to a different school now. I'm so incredibly grateful for that because these two have proved to be some of the most important people in my life. I truly can't describe how much I love them both. Here are some photos from the trip! Though even they can't describe how wonderful it was.

As I said, I'm so very thankful for these two in my life. And I cannot thank the Hartsfield family enough for inviting us into their home for the holiday. They are a beautiful family that shine the love and kindness of Christ.

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oh gee, kathryn. butterbean and her dad.