Oh Celebration

Christmas day came incredibly quickly this year. Anyone else agree? I feel like the holiday season speeds up more each year. Since coming home I've mostly been spending time with family and making gifts. And that has all been so wonderful but...I haven't taken much time to slow down. And I wish I had. 
Christmas day is here and I feel like I haven't thought enough about the gift of Immanuel. Such a beautiful and indescribable gift we have been given. God with us...God with us. How sweet it is to say! May I continue throughout the day to remember and celebrate the truth that God became man for our sakes. It's not too late to take a breath and slow down. This is a day for incredible celebration!

Danielle is one of my favorite people to give gifts to. We are very similar and love nearly all the same things. One of these common loves of ours is Andrew Bird. My parents and I pitched in to get us both tickets for his show at the Ryman in March. I hid this picture in one of Dani's shoes and gave her a note that said, "A little bird is hiding in one of your shoes. The bird will tell you what your gift is." 

My siblings and I do a gift exchange (since there's eight of us) each year, and this year I got my brother David. I had the hardest time trying to figure out what I could make him. I've always made my gifts and thought this might have to be the first time I buy one. However, with the help of one of my sisters I came up with the idea of this vintage body builder painted on two canvases. I saw him on an old stamp from 1984 that I saw on Etsy. So I blew him up and made some wall decor out of him!

And you know you're an art student when half of your Christmas gifts are art supplies and you get excited about lacquer thinner and acrylic gel medium. 

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