Band photos: The Sold Out

Got to take photos for The Sold Out last Saturday. Woop!
They are a brother duo band.
They have songs here as well as on iTunes.
Had to get some film shots.
This was one of the most random photo shoots I have ever done! The guys had so many ideas already which was great because usually I'm the one telling people to do weird, random stuff and then they think I'm crazy. But they were so fun. These are some of my favorite shots but I'm sure they will have some of their own favorites up on their Facebook and Youtube pages soon. Check 'em out!
(p.s. one of my best friends is their sister and helps 
with an amazing "poison and wine" cover here)

*also, I accidentally said they were called "A Cue Stic[k]". new sound, new name. they are now The Sold Out. my bad.

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