New Friends

Here's the first official update from Greeley, Colorado! I got to Tim and Betony Coons' house last Thursday afternoon. They are one of the neatest families I've ever met. Lucy and Harriet are their precious little girls. Lucy is the one in the pictures below. She's taken to calling me either "new friend" or "Kafrin". I live in the basement. Which is really a super cool room and a perfect space for me to relax and work on projects.

The projects I'll be working on will be very collage and photo-focused. Some will be personal projects and some will be collaborative. And other than these, a lot of what I'll be doing is meeting and talking with other artists around Greeley. Tomorrow I'll get to meet the members of Atlas church, which I know will be so good.

There's so much more I could talk of but I'll stop there for now. Everyone's prayers and support have been so important and appreciated. I truly wouldn't be here without them. I ask that fellow brothers and sisters in Christ would pray for the Lord to give me direction as an artist and that I would continue to seek Him. This opportunity is such a grand one and I will fill you in on more soon!

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