There is something magical about children's books. When reading them, one doesn't even have to try before instantly transported into a different land, a different time, a different world. It never matters if people have abnormally large heads or if they defy multiple laws of gravity at once. These things are never questioned. Worrying about these things would take away every bit of enjoyment in the story. No, I suppose that is why mostly children love them. Perhaps it is just as children love people without questioning their past that they love books without questioning their logic.

One of my favorite books, introduced to me by a dear friend not two years ago, is The Little Prince. It is written by a man named Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry who understood the beauty of children's imaginations and reasoning. This book, more than nearly any other, is one that I can read over and over and be taken to the same beautiful world of this Little Prince every single time. Without fail.

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