Familial Visits of the Adventuring Kind

What a week! I started spring semester busier than ever and things didn't let up one bit until about a week ago. The very day that my cousin Josh and sister Danielle were to come visit me at school for their spring break, my schedule almost immediately freed up. Praise God. They got here a week from yesterday and what a grand visit! I'm so thankful that they wanted to spend this time here.

Dani's been staying with me, and Josh with some of my guy friends. We've had many adventures so far and we aren't even done yet. Saturday morning pancake breakfast, lots of sleeping in, spring cleaning, piano playing and singing, photo house explorations, Zaxby's dinner, good coffee, and lots and lots of friends. My favorite time though, was probably kidnapping Josh late last night, going to build a killer fort, and watching both Up and Big Fish in the fort. Here's the delicious breakfast Danielle made for us Saturday morning.

I always love when my family members get to meet and spend time with my church family. There's something special about connecting groups of people you are close to.

Yesterday was Josh's 17th birthday and next Saturday is Danielle's 17th as well. So I threw a surprise party for them last Thursday night. It was a lovely evening of twinkling lights, old-timey music, pastries, and coffee. But what made the night truly wonderful were all of my friends who came out to spend time with Josh and Dani. In the short week they've been here, my friends have welcomed them with open arms. And that's meant the world to them and me.

Happy 17th, Dani and Josh! I love both of you a lot and have loved the time I've been spending with you. I thank the Lord for the people that you are becoming and see bright things for both of you.

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