Film Friday

I developed my first roll! Today I went over to the photo house and developed my very first roll of film (taken on my Minolta) all by myself. It was so intimidating and the whole time I thought my roll wasn't going to turn out. When I finished and pulled my negatives off the reel, I yelped at the sight of actual photos and quickly stuck them in the drier. Immediately after shutting the door of the drier, I literally jumped up and down out of sheer joy and excitement. All by myself, in the back of the photo house. It was one of the best feelings ever. Here's some prints! I have to admit I lightened them up a bit after scanning them so you guys could see the photos better. Isn't this way too cool to handle?

From top to bottom:
-Seryn concert
-Think Tank friend
-Beasley on drums
-shirt twin Adam


sketchbookthought said...

OH MY GOSH. i'm so proud.

Franfrelli said...

Wow I feel like a proud Papa. Well done Katchka.