Doodle Two's (Giveaway)

Every Tuesday. One song + one piece of art by me.
Be it a drawing, a painting, whatever is inspired.
Given to one of you marvelous readers.

This week's song: "Emphasis" by Sleeping at Last

I'm confident enough to say that Sleeping at Last has some of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard. And not only are the words beautifully composed, but they are performed in such a way that you feel a touch of the very emotions that were felt when first writing them. I understand that Ryan O'Neal's voice is not for everyone. And that's okay. I think he has a wonderfully unique voice.

Regardless, the lyrics get me every time. "Emphasis" in particular, is just so good. There's a lot in this song that is so relatable to my own story of salvation in Jesus Christ. "The smartest thing I ever learned is that I don't have all the answers." Wow. This is one of the greatest lessons the Lord has taught me. And to hear it so beautifully in a song like this one...I could listen again and again.

If you want this song and a few others by Sleeping at Last, they are currently available for download on Noisetrade.

The Giveaway

Things have been getting busy with school and the giveaway's been a little difficult to give up. So I'm going to try something a little different. I have a current goal of 50 followers via Google Friend Connect. And I think you guys can help me get there. So here's how you can enter to win this art giveaway:

1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect.
(If you already follow, then this won't count as an entry this time.)

2.Recommend my blog to a friend. Or many!
For each friend that joins, you will get one entry.
Just tell me who you recruited.

And that's it! Leave me a comment for each one you do. I'm just wanting to spread the word. I might even add more art pieces into the drawing depending on how busy I am. This giveaway will be open until I hit the big 5-0. 

Thanks in advance! All your support and encouragement has meant so much to me.


sketchbookthought said...

how beautiful...

whitneyannejones said...

I'm a Google friend now. I don't know why it took me so long! Also, the colors in this piece are just stunning. I love them.