Cotton and monkeys

Sometimes you meet people and they gradually become your close friends over time.
Other times you meet people and instantly wish you could have grown up with them as your next door neighbor best friend. This would be the case with Becca (far left) and Kaelin (middle right). They are two new freshmen here and super fly. Cari and I got to photo venture with them around a cotton field and relax in this lovely cool September air. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the labor day break.

The way the Lord brings together certain friendships amazes me. Remembering my freshman year last year, the people he brought in my life, and how they have affected my life...it's mind-blowing. He knows exactly what we need and is faithful to give it. Whether it's finances, extra strength, or a friend. Or two. He will always be faithful to provide.

Photos thanks to Becca.


Jennifer said...

I met my best friend in college. After a week, we were besties and I felt like we'd known each other our whole lives. So thankful for that. :)

Carly H. said...

Not only are you wonderfully creative, you are so inspiring!
I absolutely love that you recognize and thank God for the greatness in your life along with all the little things. He brings everything to us for a reason, in His own way and when the time is right & it's awesome you embrace that.
Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Kathryn Lynn said...

Thank you so much Carly! Isn't that just so good to know? It's so easy to forget that, too. Even your reminder is something I needed to hear again today. So thank you!