The New Old

 Today was one of the happiest days. My church just moved into a new (but super old) building down the street and it is beautiful. Praise be to God and God alone for this immense blessing upon us. Today, we had our last meeting at the old building and then an open house at the new one. It was so joyful and so full of gratitude and unity. I seriously could talk on and on about the many many rooms and the long brick hallway and the multiple staircases and the gorgeous high ceilings and the attic. Oh, the attic. Any artist's dream. Here's a few photos of the attic and some of the kids from church. I'm so thankful for these kids, especially when I sorely miss my nieces and nephews.

This church family has been such a huge and vital part of my life at school. I cannot explain how God has shown his goodness to me and so many others through this body of believers.


hannah singer said...

praise jesus! what a joy to have such a great church home!
love your blog! xo

Megan said...

Our God is good! Visiting your blog via changing lanes, love it. Your photos are inspiring!