A New Escapade

Hello! If you don't know already my name is Kathryn. Formerly known as Kathryn Lynn Photography, I am now venturing towards a new journey called Fabric & Shoestring!

Now a 19 year old girl with creative juices a'flowing, I'm ready to start an outlet for other's to enjoy my craftwork. So I've created a handmade and vintage shop on Etsy. Not only am I stoked for the challenge of consistently making new things to put up for sale, but this will also help me to pay for college! I'm studying photography at Union University and feel extremely privileged to do so. Buying my items will strictly help pay for my schooling.

Another part of my shop will be vintage items. I've always loved digging through old garage sales, thrift shops, and antique malls to find really unique items that have a neat history. Old, dusty, antique things fascinate me. I try to find items that just the right person will stumble upon and say, "I must have that!"

The focus of my items, handmade and vintage, is beauty, function, and affordability. If you are wanting the finest quality of this or that then I probably don't have it. I'm not too into that groove. But if you want a unique vintage or handmade item that won't cost you an arm and a leg, then take a look in my shop and see if I have something to your fancy. And you could always help out a poor college student, right?

Also, a large part of Fabric & Shoestring is going to be the blog. I will be posting lots of DIY tutorials, Film Fridays, and so much more. And a big part of that will be encouragement. More about the blog soon. For now, check out my Etsy shop here and be sure to subscribe in the left-hand column!


Stellar K said...

sew keen.

encounteringlove said...

so awesome! LOVE LOVE the new blog. Praying you are so blessed in your journey.