Film Friday

Film Friday is a grand event!
Every week look forward to four film photos on Friday. 
Soon I'll be starting a film photography class, complete with full darkroom access. 
Incredibly stoked.

This week's photos are from a picnic Danielle and I went on with our lovely friend, Rayna. 
We sat on top of a hilltop and enjoyed the sunset as we ate and talked. 
Taken with a Minolta XE-7.


Young People in Love said...

oh my goodness how have i NOT found your blog before now!? i simply adore everything about it!! So amazing! seriously. your header, for example, is breath-taking!. ok, i'll stop now :)
I'll def. be following!

Anna said...

Hey thanks so much for commenting on my blog! It was so sweet and encouraging! love your blog too!

Kathryn Lynn said...

you're so welcome anna! thank you :)

Jennifer said...

How lovely! You are seriously adorable! Your etsy shop is fantastic too!