Doodle Two's

Every Tuesday. One song + one piece of art by me.
Be it a drawing, a painting, whatever is inspired.

This week's song: "Sing Us a New Song" by Enter the Worship Circle

Can't get enough of Enter the Worship Circle. Their album series, Chair & Microphone, contains some of the most beautifully composed truth in lyrics I have ever heard in my life. This song is from the 3rd volume in the series and performed by Karla Adolphe. If you like Karla's sound, you should check out what she's up to right now with Aaron Strumpel (Performer of the 2nd volume) as the Emporiums.


Alissa:Adventurer said...

we are literally secret best friends, I love your art and I LOVE ETWC! :) Thanks for sharing your stuff with us!

Kathryn Lynn said...

Haha, we probably are! Thanks so much :) Miss all you crazy Prov kids.