Doodle Two's (Giveaway)

Every Tuesday. One song + one piece of art by me.
Be it a drawing, a painting, whatever is inspired.
Given to one of you marvelous readers.

This week's song: "The Gambler" by Fun.

You all have to understand that The Gambler is one of my all time favorite songs. If you've never heard it, you must do so now.  Play this song anywhere and I am almost guaranteed to burst out into singing along. Also, I love this piece so much I wish I could keep it. But I can't, and you can!

To help spread the word about my new blog and shop, I'll host a giveaway every week on Doodle Two's Days. Here's how you can enter to win this handmade multimedia piece. 

Leave me a separate comment here (with your e-mail address) for each task you do: 
-follow the Fabric & Shoestring blog 
with Google Friend Connect or an e-mail subscription
- Share a link to this giveaway on Facebook.
- Share a link to this giveaway on Twitter.

Each giveaway will be open to enter until the following Monday at 8 p.m. Central time.


Changing Lanes said...

i'm a follower!

Changing Lanes said...

i tweeted!

ashley said...

i love the gambler! slow down, we've got time left to be lazy...all the kids have bloomed from babies into flowers in our eyes. (sorry, couldn't help myself.) I'm a follower!

I'm Anna. said...

I tweeted about you!

I'm Anna. said...

I tagged you on Facebook!

I'm Anna. said...

Annnnndddd I follow you!

sillycyclops said...

I follow you. :)
<3 Ashlynn.

P.S. Is the singer of Fun from The Format?!
It sure sounds like it, and if it is, how come I haven't heard of them before?
Hooked now. Thanks, haha.

vanessa rae said...

I am now i follower! :) Your blog is wonderful, Kathryn! Soo well done!

Kim said...

I just started following you. I love your artwork and your wonderful way with words!