(Belated) Film Friday

Well, I do apologize that film friday this week was a little bit tardy. It's been a crazy busy week trying to pack up and say goodbyes before moving back in for the semester. Because I spent yesterday packing and driving, I didn't get the chance to scan in new pictures. But I found some old family photos I put on here a while back. Hope you like 'em like I love 'em.

We left last night around 7 p.m. and drove through the night to arrive at about 7 a.m. It was my first all night drive. While it was unpleasant at times, I have to tell you...watching the sun go down and watching it rise again in one sitting is more beautiful than I ever realized. I was literally writing poems in my mind as I watched the day unfold. 

I can tell when it's coming.
The earth glows purple in anticipation.
Sun softly kisses the sky and the hills
With pastel orange and pasty pink.
She takes time to wake up.

Her deep breaths blow out mist over the grass.
The trees fold back their leaves
releasing one...flock...of birds...at...a time.
The fresh smell of a new day is strong
And pierces through metal and glass.

I breath it in. 
The dawn is much more glorious than I ever knew.
Oh, I do believe, she is never more beautiful
than when compared to the long and rainy night
I spend waiting for her to come. 

Slowly. Softly.
She comes.


Changing Lanes said...

hey there! i couldn't find your email and your blogger is set to non-reply for comments you make. i wanted to ask you something. ;) email me droy500@gmail.com

ashley said...

your blog and art are beautiful. i found you through casey's blog...am following now...